Single Origin Coffees


Medium body, creamy, dark cocoa undertones, smooth finish


Balanced body, blueberry cream undertones, bright floral aroma

Mexico Altura

Round body, creamy undertones, sweet acidity, floral aromatics

Colombia Supremo

Smooth body, sweet nut flavor, bright acidity

Kona Fancy

Medium body, sweet floral flavor, mild acidity, creamy finish

Brazil Cerrado

Caramel nut undertones, creamy mouthful, clean cup profile

Flavored Coffees


Our best seller! Blends of spicy cinnamon, hazelnut, and vanilla crème

Crème Brulee

The taste of rich vanilla custard intertwined with sweet spice, just like the dessert!


Fresh pastry mixed with coffee

Vanilla Crème

Sweet, creamy custard flavor, luscious floral aroma

Hazelnut Crème

Flavorful French Vanilla Crème and hazelnut flavor

Orange Seville

A delicate, sweet cherry flavored coffee with pieces of Seville oranges

Chocolate Fudge Delight

Rich dark cocoa

Amaretto Almond

Traditional sharp character of Amaretto coupled with almond notes

Coconut Crème

Smooth taste of Vanilla crème blended with the tropical taste of coconut

Cinnamon Almond Delight

Blends of spicy cinnamon, creamy chocolate and smooth almonds

Specialty Blend Coffees

Espresso Roma

Rich body, smooth flavor, distinguished smoky finish

Vienna Roast

Full body, sweet cocoa undertones, raspberry bouquet

French Roast

Full body, caramelized brown sugar, distinct smoky finish

Coffee Emporium Blend

Full body, syrupy pinot noir flavor, wild berry finish


Full body, stone fruit, brown sugar, sparkling acidity

Houseblend Fancy

Full body, complex, rich aromatics, hint of French Roast

Organic Coffees

Organic Coffees

Medium body, complex flavor, good acidity, sweet bouquet.